CM Storm is a brand from Cooler Master focused on high-end gaming products. We’ve already reviewed Scout case and Sentinel Advance mouse and both got our highest praises. Let’s see if Sniper Black Edition also follows the same path.

CM Storm Sniper Black Edition caseFigure 1: CM Storm Sniper Black Edition case.

CM Storm Sniper Black Edition caseFigure 2: CM Storm Sniper Black Edition case.

The left side panel impresses with its huge 14" x 12" (36 x 31 cm) mesh featuring a giant air filter. Behind this mesh Sniper Black Edition comes with a 200-mm fan (500 to 1,000 rpm, 17 to 23 dBA). This fan is connected to the case fan speed controller, so you can control its fan through the big knob present on the top of the case and also turn off its blue light. If you want you can replace this fan with two 120 mm fans.

The front panel features five 5 1/4" bays, all with meshed covers and air filters. As you can see the bezel from the bottom bay comes with an adapter allowing you to install an external 3 1/2" device (floppy disk drive or memory card reader).

On the bottom section from the front panel there is one 200-mm fan identical to the one used on the side panel, also controlled by the knob available on the top panel. Like everywhere else, a mesh with an air filter is present in front of this fan, and this piece can be easily removed for cleaning, as you can see in Figure 4.

CM Storm Sniper Black Edition caseFigure 3: Front panel.

CM Storm Sniper Black Edition caseFigure 4: Air filter.


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