After putting out a line of gaming-grade mice, CM Storm – Cooler Master’s special label – now enters the realm of the headsets for gamers with the Sirus. The company is just missing a keyboard to complete the holy trinity of gaming peripherals. The Sirus is a big headset, the kind of model that covers the entire ear, and can be plugged into a PC either by analog connections (3.5 mm minijacks) or by two USB plugs. The appearance is robust, yet it’s quite comfortable. Let’s describe the Sirus first and then proceed to testing the performance.

Sirus headsetFigure 1: The Sirus headset

The package contains the Sirus headset in itself, a disc-shaped volume and control unit called “Tactical Mixing Console” and two sets of connections – cables with 3.5 mm minijacks or two USB plugs. The headset is made of hard plastic with rubbery inlays. It comes with a flexible microphone that can be rotated and a cloth padding inside the headband. The soft fabric cushions cover the ears completely and can be replaced by a pair of faux leather cushions included in the package. Unfortunately, the earcups don’t rotate in their axis so that the Sirus could be easily stored or carried in a backpack.

Sirus headsetFigure 2: Headband and microphone details

Sirus headsetFigure 3: Headband

Sirus headsetFigure 4: Speakers


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