Introduction (Cont’d)

On the right upper corner, the user can find the CM Storm symbol plus three LEDs for the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. On the underside, there’s a mini-USB port inside a tight niche from where three cut outs run that help route the cable to the left, right or up the keyboard. The Quick Fire TK rests on four rubber feet or two plastic feet that can be flipped down.

QuickFire TKFigure 4: Mini-USB port

The removable cable is cloth-wrapped, and it ends on two gold-plated connectors.

QuickFire TKFigure 5: Routed cable

Seen from the lateral side, the keyboard is quite tall and goes from almost 0.78” (20 mm) on the front side to 1.3” (30 mm) on the back side. It comes with an extraction tool to remove the keys and help clean it up.

QuickFire TKFigure 6: Side view


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