CM Storm Havoc Mouse Review

Hardware Secrets Silver Award

Introduction (Cont’d)

Upside down, we can see the usual three Teflon feet that are the market standard; however, the two feet on either side are very long, thus making for a perfect sliding experience over a number of surfaces, especially gaming-grade mousepads. The Avago 9800 sensor is right on the middle of the underside.

HavocFigure 4: Underside

The Havoc features seven choices of colors for the LEDs on the upper left corner, for the scrollwheel, the two sensitivity buttons below it, plus the CM Storm symbol on the base.

HavocFigure 5: Illuminated Havoc

The cable is cloth-wrapped, ending in a gold-plated USB connector.

HavocFigure 6: Front view with cable

Author: André Gordirro

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