Main Characteristics

The main characteristic of the Ceres 400 is that it is a smaller (and cheaper) option for a 2.0 headset inside the CM Storm line than the Sonuz. It keeps the “big ear cups” style without being so clunky and heavy. The end result is a very comfortable headset for users who like circumaural pads.

Ceres 400 headsetFigure 4: Adjustable size

The microphone is bendable, but it usually reverts to its normal position and must be bent again.

Ceres 400 headsetFigure 5: Microphone upwards

The control unit has a sliding button to mute the microphone that makes a noticeable click, so the user cannot hit it accidentally. The volume scroll could be a little bigger.

Ceres 400 headsetFigure 6: Control unit


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