Obviously, no one is expecting a huge processing power in a 60-buck CPU. However, there were some questions: could the Celeron G3930 be a decent choice for a budget home computer, eventually running some games? Is it slower than the AMD A8-9600? Can it be an actual good choice for someone?

About the first question, if can it be used for casual gaming, the answer is “maybe”. Our tests shown that its integrated video is too slow for any recent game, but if you install a “real” video card, you can play some titles. However, we can’t recommend this CPU for gaming, since the Pentium G4600 costs only a few dollars more and performs a lot faster. So, if you have casual gaming in mind, forget about the Celeron G3930 and buy a more powerful processor.

Compared to the A8-9600, the Celeron G3930 is faster in some tasks, and slower in other ones, so we can say they are in the same level.

But can it be a good option in some case? Yes, if you are interested in building a desktop computer for office tasks, where the budget is more important than the performance, the Celeron G3930 is a good option, even more because you can pair it with an inexpensive H110 motherboard.