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Thermaltake Vi-On HDD Enclosure Review

Vi-On is an external hard drive enclosure featuring eSATA port and a fan that changes its speeds according to the temperature of the hard drive.
Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2 TiB

Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2 TiB Review

Today we are reviewing the Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2 TiB, which uses the PCI Express 3.0 x4 interface. Let's compare its performance with the Kingston HyperX Savage 480 GiB SSD, which also uses the same interface.

Patriot Wildfire 120 GB SSD Review

We take a look at Patriot's flagship SSD, the Wildfire, and put it up against the competition.

X-Micro Mini DisGo 20 GB Review

Review of the very small 20 GB external hard disk drive (USB 2.0) from X-Micro.

Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External HDD Review

Let’s test the Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External hard drive. It uses the USB 3.0 interface, which can be replaced by Thunderbolt or FireWire interfaces. Check it out!

Western Digital Caviar Black and RE4 2 TB Hard Disk Drive Review

In this review we are going to take a look at the performance of the first 2 TB drives from Western Digital that spin at 7,200 rpm, RE4 and Caviar Black.

Corsair Neutron XT 240 GiB SSD Review

Let's benchmark the Corsair Neutron XT 240 GiB, an SSD unit that promises high performance level.

Everything you Need to Know About ATA-66, ATA-100 and ATA-133 Hard Disks

Learn how to achieve the maximum performance from ATA-66, ATA-100 and ATA-133 hard disks. It is not just a matter of plugging in your new hard drive.

Robson Technology Overview

The next Centrino platform (Santa Rosa) will feature an integrated disk cache using flash memory in order to speed up disk access and also save energy, codenamed Robson. Learn how it will work.
Low-cost 120 GiB SSD duel

Low-cost 120 GiB SSD duel: SanDisk SSD PLUS vs. Kingston SSDNow V300

We tested two of the most inexpensive SSDs available: the SanDisk SSD PLUS and the Kingston SSDNow V300, both of 120 GiB. Which is the best one? Check it out!