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CM Storm Inferno Mouse Review

Cooler Master has released the perfect mouse model for customization aficionados, the CM Storm Inferno. Let's see what is possible to do with this new gadget.

Razer Imperator Mouse Review

With this model, a new era begins for Razer's famous line of gaming-grade mice. We checked the innovations it presents.

Gigabyte M8000Xtreme Mouse Review

Gigabyte, a company that specializes in motherboards and video cards, try their hand in the gaming peripheral niche. Let’s see how their new mouse impressed us.

Mionix Naos 5000 Mouse Review

Swedish company delivers the goods in this excellent gaming-grade mouse. Check out our test.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review

We tested the first gaming mouse to come out from CM Storm, the gaming brand from Cooler Master, the well-known maker of computer cases and CPU coolers.

OCZ Eclipse Gaming Mouse Review

After the huge model Behemoth, the memory maker releases a smaller mouse that is both affordable and competitive. See how it fared in our test.

OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse Review

The memory maker expands its line of gaming mice with a huge model for big-handed gamers. Check out our test.

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The gaming-grade peripheral breaks the barrier of 5,000 dpi, leaving the wiring and lag behind. See how it fared during our test.

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Review

A mouse controlled by your thoughts? We tested this unusual gadget from OCZ.

Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Lachesis gaming-grade mouse reaches an astonishing resolution of 4,000 dpi. See how it fared in our test.