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Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift – The Future is Here

If you want the best virtual reality experience currently available, look no further than the Oculus Rift. This device was developed by Palmer Luckey...

The Do-It-Yourself All-In-One Computer Standard from Intel

Intel is leading the industry in creating a standard for components for all-in-one computers. Let’s see what that means.
Christmas Tree

2011 Holiday Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy new PC hardware parts during this holiday season to build a new computer or upgrade your current system? Let’s recap some of the products with the best cost/benefit ratios that we reviewed in 2011.

How to Buy a PC Without Being Fooled

Tips on how to buy a PC without being fooled and how to check if the computer you've bought really has the parts you ordered.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Heaven for Power Users

Windows 10 had several features aimed at power users like virtual desktops and updated features when working with a command prompt. The Windows 10...
remote desktop

Remote Desktop 101

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use Remote Desktop to connect to another computer to control it remotely. We give step by step instructions, advantages, and drawbacks of Remote Desktop.

Alienware Alpha R2 First Looks

Alienware has over 20 years of history in the gaming arena. Since the release of their first Alpha machine at E3 in 2014, they...

Protecting Your PC Against Animals

Amazingly enough, you can have ants, hornets, cockroaches and even mice living inseide your computer. Check out our amazing pictures and learn how to avoid such menace.

Cool New Windows 10 Features You Should Try

Windows 10 is filled with new features and better ways to control the computer, but every user has to learn how to access these...

Microsoft’s Surface Studio has Enticing Features

With their all-new  Surface Studio, Microsoft takes a stab at the artistic world that has always been dominated by Apple. This new all-in-one desktop...