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chromecast audio

Google Chromecast Audio – Inexpensive & Useful

Chromecast Audio is a fairly new offering in the Chromecast device lineup. It lets you stream audio without wires. In fact, it can turn...

New Google Hardware Makes a Splash this Season

Google' New Assistant CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the new Google hardware launch with the promise of a Google Assistant that can handle a two-way...
Amazon Echo 2

Things That You Didn’t Know About Amazon Echo 2

Things That You Didn’t Know About Amazon Echo 2After the successful release of Amazon Echo in 2014, it has been speculated that Amazon Echo...
cassia bluetooth hub router

Cassia Bluetooth Hub Router

Everyone has heard of a Wi-Fi router, but a Bluetooth router is an entirely new concept. When Cassia sent me their new Cassia Hub...
Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset

Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset Review

The high tech world keeps moving forward. While there have been no huge breakthroughs in the world of headsets, they keep getting incrementally better...

How to Convert Cassette Tapes to CDs or MP3 Files

Learn how to convert old cassette tapes to CDs or MP3 files in this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Clean and Fine-Tune a Tape Deck

Learn how to clean and fine-tune a tape deck in order to get the best audio quality when converting cassette tapes to MP3 files or audio CDs.

Audio Codec Comparison Table

A series of quick reference tables showing the main specs of the most popular audio codecs you can find on motherboards.

Everything You Need to Know About the SPDIF Connection

Learn about the digital audio connection called SPDIF and when and how to use it.
Soundblaster X-Fi

How to Use the SPDIF Output from Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Cards

A list of all Sound Blaster X-Fi models released to date and how to add SPDIF connectors to them. Updated to include X-Fi Titanium sound cards.