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Testing the Security of Your Website – Part 1

Do you own a website, blog, or forum? Learn how to audit its security in order to prevent bad guys from exploiting it. In this part, we will cover some basic information and procedures.
SpeedStream 5200

How to Transform a SpeedStream 5200 modem into a Router

Learn how to transform your SpeedStream 5200 ADSL modem into a router!

How to Build a Web Server with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 Support

Building a PHP 5 web server with MySQL 5 support isn’t as easy as it seems. PHP 5 doesn’t come with embedded support for MySQL, making it tricky to compile PHP 5. Read this step-by-step tutorial and avoid all the pitfalls you may face.

Testing the Security of Your Website – Part 3

On this part of our “Testing the Security of Your Website” series, we will cover data manipulation and SQL injections.

New Google Hardware Makes a Splash this Season

Google' New Assistant CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the new Google hardware launch with the promise of a Google Assistant that can handle a two-way...
mesh networking

Mesh Networking Comes of Age

Mesh networking is an emerging technology that is poised to change the world of communications. Definition In an ordinary wireless network, a wireless router connected to...

Introduction to Optical Fibers

Learn about optical fibers basic anatomy and types.

How TCP/IP Protocol Works – Part 2

Complementing our previous tutorial, we will explain other protocols and other TCP/IP functionalities we didn’t cover before, like Telnet, SSH, TFTP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ARP and more.

How the VDSL Connection Works

VDSL is another very popular type of DSL Internet connection, used by networks such as AT&T’s U-verse in the U.S. Let’s see how it works.
Cloud Computing

Clearing the Air: Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Web 2.0 is here and on-demand content is the future. This editorial focuses on the continued use of marketing buzzwords such as “cloud computing” and “virtualization” and what it means to you.