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TX Pro

Chipset Aliases: TX Pro, VX Pro & Co.

Everything you need to know about relabeled chipsets used on PCChips motherboards, like TX Pro, TX Pro II, VX Pro, VX Pro II, HX Pro, BX Pro, VIA GRA, Xcell 2000, etc.

Firewire Bus (IEEE 1394)

Learn in depth how the Firewire bus (a.k.a. IEEE1394) works.

Why Serial?

Understand why new busses like PCI Express, USB and Serial ATA are using serial communication instead of parallel.

Explosive Motherboards

Learn more about capacitors on the motherboard that leak or even explode.

AMR, CNR and ACR slots

Learn what are the AMR, CNR and ACR slots found on motherboards.

Computer Port Extension

With Computer Port Extension you can put plugs that are originally at the back of the PC on the front of your PC.

BIOS Backup

Learn how to backup the BIOS of your PC to recover it later if your PC is attacked by a virus or in the event of a bad BIOS upgrade.

Recovering Dead Motherboards Killed by the CIH Virus

Learn how to reprogram BIOS chips erased by the CIH (a.k.a. Chernobyl or Spacefiller) virus. The describe procedure can also be used to recover your BIOS in the case of a bad BIOS upgrade.

Deciphering the BIOS Serial Number

Learn how to decode the BIOS serial number and find out informations like the motherboard manufacturer, chipset and BIOS date.

Who Are the Biggest Board Manufacturers?

Some data about the motherboard market.