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ASUS Z97-DELUXE Motherboard

Let's take a look at the ASUS Z97-DELUXE, a mid-range socket LGA1150 motherboard based on the new Intel Z97 chipset, bringing a high-end audio codec, 10 SATA-600 ports (allowing two SATA Express connections), 10 USB 3.0 ports, and Wi-Fi interface.

Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Motherboard

Let’s take a look at this mini-ITX socket 1156 motherboard based on the Intel H55 chipset, which is aimed to very compact SFF computers. Check it out!

ECS SDGE Technology

Our first look at a new technology proposed by ECS that will enable Crossfire and SLI video cards to run on the same motherboard.

ASRock H55DE3 Motherboard

Let’s take a look at one of the H55-based motherboards offered by ASRock and targeted to the entry-level market, H55DE3.

Biostar TH55XE Motherboard

Let’s take a look at a fully-loaded H55 motherboard from Biostar, TH55XE, a product that comes with a very attractive price tag.

Installing Frontal USB Ports

Learn how to correctly connect the frontal USB ports that many cases have to the motherboard.

AMR, CNR and ACR slots

Learn what are the AMR, CNR and ACR slots found on motherboards.

Gigabyte C847N Motherboard

Let’s take a look at the Gigabyte GA-C847N, a Mini-ITX motherboard with a soldered Celeron 847 CPU.

Deciphering the BIOS Serial Number

Learn how to decode the BIOS serial number and find out informations like the motherboard manufacturer, chipset and BIOS date.

EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard

We took a look at this new high-end socket 775 motherboard from EVGA, based on the new nForce 780i chipset, featuring three PCI Express x16 slots supporting 3-way SLI and other high-end features.