Tuesday, April 24, 2018


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ASRock Z270 Extreme4 Motherboard

Let's take a look at the new ASRock Z270 Extreme4, an LGA1151 motherboard based on the new Intel Z270 chipset. Check it out!

How to Install a Motherboard

A step-by-step guide on how to correctly install a motherboard.

AMR, CNR and ACR slots

Learn what are the AMR, CNR and ACR slots found on motherboards.

Deciphering the BIOS Serial Number

Learn how to decode the BIOS serial number and find out informations like the motherboard manufacturer, chipset and BIOS date.

Gigabyte Z170X-Ultra Gaming Motherboard

We review the Gigabyte Z170X-Ultra Gaming, a mainstream socket LGA1151 motherboard based on the Intel Z170 chipset, supporting DDR4 memory modules and LED light.

Understanding All Voltage Configurations from the Motherboard

Confused about what each voltage configuration on the motherboard setup really means? Learn all about them in this updated tutorial.
ASRock N3700-ITX

ASRock N3700-ITX Motherboard

Let’s take a look at the ASRock N3700-ITX, a compact motherboard that comes with a Pentium E3700 quad-core CPU soldered on it.

ASUS P5B Motherboard Review

Our review of ASUS P5B, a mainstream socket 775 motherboard based on Intel P965 chipset and supporting all new Core 2 Duo CPUs and also DDR2-1066/PC2-8500 memories.

Intel DH55TC Motherboard

Let’s take a look at one of the two motherboards released by Intel based on the H55 chipset for Core i3 and Core i5 processors with integrated video.
ASRock N3150B-ITX

ASRock N3150B-ITX Motherboard

The ASRock N3150B-ITX is an inexpensive and small motherboard with an embedded Celeron N3150 quad-core CPU, bringing legacy serial and parallel ports. Check it out!