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Samsung Eternity Cell Phone Review

Our review of the Samsung Eternity cell phone.
Apple Watch Mickey

Apple Watch Review

We give you an unbiased review of the Apple Watch, including design, features, navigation and integration with iPhone. Let's take a look!

Callpod Dragon V2 Headset Review

Review of Callpod's Bluetooth Dragon V2 headset for cell phones, which can also work as walkie-talkies.

What to Do If Your Computer Doesn’t Turn On

Learn what you should do if you computer doesn’t turn on in order to identify and solve the problem.

Panasonic Link-to-Cell Phone System Review

Panasonic Link-to-Cell is a Bluetooth device that lets you use a Panasonic regular cordless phone to make calls using your cell phone.

Acer Iconia B1 Tablet Review

The Acer Iconia B1 is a low-cost 7” tablet with a MediaTek MT8317T processor, running Android 4.1. Let’s see if it is a good buy.

HTC Touch Diamond (Verizon) Cell Phone Review

Review of the HTC Touch Diamond cell phone that Verizon started offering this month in the US and is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 with TouchFLO 3D interface.

Honeywell Airlite 700 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Review of Honeywell Airlite 700, a wireless bluetooth headset for your cell phone.

Cooler Master NotePal Laptop Cooler

We took a look at NotePal, an aluminum notebook cooler from Cooler Master.

ASUS Fonepad Review

The ASUS Fonepad is a 7” tablet with cell phone capabilities, running Android 4.1. Let’s see if it is good at both roles.