Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Home Cooling

Zalman CNPS12X CPU Cooler Review

This time, we tested the Zalman CNPS12X, the world's first CPU cooler with three fans. It also has six heatpipes and two heatsinks. Check it out!

Deepcool Gammaxx 300 CPU Cooler Review

Today we will be testing the Gammaxx 300 CPU cooler from Deepcool. It has a tower heatsink with three U-shaped heatpipes and one 120 mm fan. Check it out!

Deepcool Ice Blade Pro CPU Cooler Review

This time we tested the Ice Blade Pro CPU cooler from Deepcool, which has a tower heatsink, four U-shaped 8 mm heatpipes and one 120 mm fan. Check it out!

Intel DBX-B CPU Cooler Review

We benchmarket DBX-B, the stock cooler for Intel Core i7-980X six-core CPU. Will it perform like a high-end cooler? Check it out.

Thermaltake TMG i1 CPU Cooler

A quick look at Thermaltake TMG i1, a cooler for socket 775 Intel CPUs.

Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller Review

The Rheosmart 6 is a fan controller from Sunbeamtech which can control six fans, each one in automatic or manual mode. Check it out!