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Zalman ZM90-HP and VF1000 VGA Coolers

Zalman will release two new VGA coolers, ZM90-HP (which will be released as VNF-100) and VF1000. We had the chance of taking a quick look at them, so check it out.

OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler Prototype

We were able to take a look at OCZ’s forthcoming Vendetta 2 CPU cooler. Check it out.

CoolIT Domino ALC Water Cooler

During CES 2009 we could take a look at CoolIT Domino ALC, a self-containing water cooling system for CPUs with an LCD display and that is coming with an impressive low price (USD 79). Check it out.

Water Cooling

Learn what water cooling is.

GlacialTech Alaska CPU Cooler Review

Today we are reviewing the GlacialTech Alaska CPU air cooler, which has a tower heatsink, six U-shaped heatpipes and one 120 mm fan. Check it out!

PowerColor HeatBuster PC Cooler

A look at HeatBuster, a PC cooling device manufactured by PowerColor that removes hot air from inside the PC and helps the PC internal airflow.