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Antec Twelve Hundred Case Review

Antec Twelve Hundred is a full-tower case targeted to gamers, with an impressive number of cooling options (six fans with speed control for all of them) and coming with twelve 5 ¼” bays, with nine of them available for hard disk drives.

Semi-Removed from Reality: How Windows Holographic Can Change Life As We Know It

The concept of holography has been around since the 1940s when Dennis Gabor pioneered the development of X-ray microscopy. He eventually won the Nobel...
Cougar MX200

Cougar MX200 Case Review

The Cougar MX200 is an inexpensible mid-tower case with two 5.25” and six 3.5” bays. Let's see if it is a good choice.

Antec ISK300-150 Case Review

Antec ISK 300-150 is a mini ITX case that comes with an internal 150 W power supply. Let’s see if it is a good choice.

Zalman Z11 Plus Case Review

Let’s take a look at the latest mid-tower case from Zalman, the Z11 Plus, which comes with a very affordable price tag.

Cooler Master N200 Case Review

Cooler Master is releasing today a mini-tower case supporting microATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, the N200, which comes with a terrific price tag. Let’s check it out.

Antec Three Hundred Case Review

Antec Three Hundred is a mini-tower case for users demanding a small yet powerful case, featuring three 5 ¼” bays, six internal 3 ½” bays and two fans with individual speed control.

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Case Review

We will review an entry-level case from Thermaltake, V3 Black Edition. Will it keep up with the quality seen on more expensive models from this brand?

Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus Case Review

The Elite 431 Plus is a value mid-tower case from Cooler Master with several features found only in more expensive models. Let´s take a good look on it.

Cooler Master Cosmos S Case Review

Cosmos S is a big full-tower case featuring aluminum body, ten 5 ¼” bays, a big 200-mm side fan and several other features. Let’s take an in-depth on this new Cooler Master baby.