Sunday, April 22, 2018


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New Google Hardware Makes a Splash this Season

Google' New Assistant CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the new Google hardware launch with the promise of a Google Assistant that can handle a two-way...
HDR fire

HDR Brings Movie Cinematography into the Home

Since the introduction of hi-definition television, we’ve seen a lot of changes. With big hoopla, we’ve gone all the way from 720p to 4K....
Windows 10 Action Center

Why You Should Be Using Windows 10 Action Center

It’s easy to overlook one of Windows 10 most useful features. The Windows 10 Action Center is called up by clicking or tapping on...
smartphone camera

Smartphone Camera Faceoff

The Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus vs the Google Pixel. These three take top honors in the smartphone camera competition. Now...

Antec Twelve Hundred Case Review

Antec Twelve Hundred is a full-tower case targeted to gamers, with an impressive number of cooling options (six fans with speed control for all of them) and coming with twelve 5 ¼” bays, with nine of them available for hard disk drives.

Word Flow – Microsoft’s New Keyboard for iOS

While I don’t usually think of Apple and Microsoft as best of friends, Microsoft’s new Word Flow keyboard, which is currently in final testing...

Google Photos at One Year Old

I started using Google Photos after I reviewed it last year. It became my photo app of choice because I was amazed by its...

Zalman ZM-T3 Case Review

The Zalman ZM-T3 is a low-cost, mini-tower computer case, supporting microATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. Let's analyze it.

Antec Performance One P182SE Case

We took a look at P182SE, a high-end case from Antec, part of their Performance One family.

Cooler Master Elite 130 Case Review

Let’s take a look at the Cooler Master Elite 130, a Mini-ITX case that supports standard-sized power supplies and dual-slot video cards.