Setting Up the J6710

Setting up this printer is fairly easy, but a little time-consuming. The instructions in the Start Here Guide are fairly good, but not perfect. There were several times that they were a little ambiguous and confusing. We suggest that you read the instructions carefully since there are a few things that are a bit unusual. For instance, when you install the ink cartridges, you must remove an orange protective casing that is in the printer. While most orange packing parts are normally discarded, the instructions tell you to save this part in case you have to transport the printer in the future. As shown in Figure 5, there is even a special area inside the printer to store this part.

Brother  MFC-J6710DW All-in-One Printer ReviewFigure 5: Inside the printer

Figure 5 also shows the ports for the USB and Ethernet connections. Unless you read the instructions, you may be scratching your head when looking for these ports. On this Brother, the ports are inside the printer rather than on the outside, which is the usual placement in most printers. As you can see, the cable needs to be plugged in and then inserted into the trough which leads it to the exterior of the printer. We have seen this in other Brother printers and have two complaints about this set up. First, it is unnecessarily intricate, and second, it often requires a longer USB cable than would otherwise be needed. With this printer you need a USB cable even if you will be doing a wireless installation, and none is included.

Installing the print cartridges is easy. A door in the front of the printer opens to allow you to position them easily, as shown in Figure 6.

Brother  MFC-J6710DW All-in-One Printer ReviewFigure 6: The ink cartridges

Both the wired and wireless setups worked seamlessly when following the instructions. The wireless network was found and installed quickly and easily. This printer supports the wireless N standard so it gives you a speedy connection if you have N equipment. Of course, it is also backwardly compatible with slower wireless standards like G and B.

The connections for the telephone line are on the left side of the machine, as shown in Figure 7. In this figure you can also see the power cable.

Brother  MFC-J6710DW All-in-One Printer ReviewFigure 7: The telephone jacks

Our only hang up came when installing the drivers and software on a Windows 7 machine. The first installation ended with an error, so we rebooted the machine and tried again. The software and driver installed properly the second time, but we were left with two installations of the printer, one working and one not. We simply deleted the non-working printer and everything was okay. However, something like this may be confusing to a neophyte.

The Settings area of the printer menu has many options. You can set the volume of the printer tones, the timing of the LCD sleep mode, whether to automatically change for daylight savings time or not, and the brightness of the LCD. You can even select from four different wallpapers for the LCD background.

Setting up the fax, like with most all-in-ones of this type can be a bit difficult. The J6710 supports Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, Voice Mail, and Call Waiting. Setting all of this up requires reading the manual and spending some time to get it right. This is especially true if you have an answering service, alarm system or other custom features on your telephone like. Here again, we found the instructions to be a bit confusing.


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