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SkyMall’s Most Bizarre Products – Part 5
Author: Gabriel TorresDate: June 21, 2010 - 1:54 PM PST

You already know the highlight of my trips by plane: SkyMall. Check out some more bizarre products I found on the pages of this glorious magazine (click here to read the previous part).

  • Remote-controlled mouse for cats: in order to explain why I think this product bizarre, I need to say that I have a cat. Yes, I know that this may count some points against me on the Queer-o-Meter, but what can I do? Everybody that has or had cats knows that they love to play, but with anything that isn’t manufactured. You go to Petco, spend 20 bucks on a toy that you think your cat will love and he (or she) simply ignores the treat. Then you go to the bathroom, tie a piece of floss to a piece of toilet paper and there we go, the cat goes crazy after the new “toy”. My old cat in particular loved the wrapping paper of the small Kit Kat candy. I would do a small ball, toss it in the middle of the living room and he would play with the “creature” until it was “killed”, then he would bury it under the rug, and after that he would come back to me asking for another ball. It is possible to find some cats that like to run after plastic mice, but I particularly think this is highly unlikely – frankly, I think you will get better results using the remote-controlled mouse to play a prank on your friends (imagine the commotion in a packed classroom). The “fancy” thing about this mouse is its cheeseburger-shaped remote control, which also charges the mouse's internal battery.

Remote-controlled mouse for cats
click to enlarge

  • Toy for cats: Read the text above. You will spend USD 80 on a piece of junk that your cat will ignore.

Toy for cats
click to enlarge

  • Crank-operated radio: Ninety seconds cranking this radio generates enough energy for you to listen to the radio for one hour. Wow. Maybe the “genius” that created this pearl has never heard of rechargeable batteries?

Crank-operated radio
click to enlarge

  • Hitch deer: This should win an award. I won’t even discuss the (non-)convenience of having a hitch on a car if you don’t have a trailer of some sort. But at least now you can give it some utility. You buy this deer, put it on the hitch and it starts moving its paws and blinking in red when you step on the brake. There are other versions, like the bass that swings its tail, the dog that bites, the bike hog or the duck that flaps its wings.

Hitch deer
click to enlarge

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