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SkyMall’s Most Bizarre Products – Part 3
Author: Gabriel TorresDate: June 11, 2010 - 11:58 AM PST

And continuing my selection of SkyMall’s most bizarre products (click here to read the previous part)...

  • I don’t even know how to call this. A swing for pickup trucks? I don’t know. But look how ridiculous. Check out the looks of the guy on the right, it says everything about this “device” usefulness. I am asking myself how difficult assembling this junk could be. It isn’t easier, faster and cheaper to simply buy some folding chairs and throw them inside the trunk?

swing for pickup trucks
click to enlarge

  • Pajama jumpsuit: If it wasn’t for the Abominable Snowman statue this product certainly would get my title of most bizarre junk I’ve ever seen. The advertiser hired some cute girls to make you think that is cool to wear this ridiculous pajama (or for fat women to think they will magically get thin by wearing it, since their XL size fits whales up to 260 pounds). Think about the practical implications. The jumpsuit opens from its front side so if a woman has the “calling from mother nature” in the middle of the night she is screwed, when she is finally able to remove the jumpsuit she will be already all wet. Worse if someone feels that fatidic “faster than the thought” twinge on the tummy. Oh, by the way, see how the jumpsuit works also as socks, since it doesn’t have opening for your feet.

Pajama jumpsuit
click to enlarge

  • Palm trees and flamingos: Oh… The “Las Vegas” kit that I’ve mentioned before. It is so cheesy, so cheesy, that is chic. I swear that one day I will buy these just for the kicks.

Palm trees and flamingos
click to enlarge

Click here to read the next part.
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