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SkyMall’s Most Bizarre Products – Part 14
Author: Gabriel TorresDate: December 9, 2011 - 3:38 PM PST

Fresh from the latest (Holiday 2011 issue) “SkyMall” magazine:

  • Visor with attached wig: The solution for bald people. Fantastic! I think I will buy one for myself!

Visor with attached wig
click to enlarge

  • Showerhead that changes the color of the water. Incredible. It is impossible to get cheesier. The copy says “create a spa-like environment.” If anyone knows of a spa with colored water, let me know so I can stay as far away as I can from it.

Showerhead that changes the color of the water
click to enlarge

  • Toilet bowl-shaped water bowl for dogs and cats. I guess it reflects what these inventors keep thinking about.

Toilet bowl-shaped water bowl for dogs and cats
click to enlarge

  • Oingo Boingo lives! Garden gnomes inspired by the classic Dead Man’s Party album. Click here and here to understand if you are below 30! (Here is some trivia for you: Two classic comedies from the 1980s feature songs from this album, Back to School and Weird Science.) Awesome!

Garden gnomes
click to enlarge

As I was finishing writing this post, a close friend sent me a link to this incredible invention: a fart filter. Yes, you read it right. A filter that you put in your underwear to avoid any bad smell. The name is great, “Subtle Butt.” Now I am waiting for the sound dampening device that I am sure someone is going to invent. And, yes, now I am 100 percent sure about what these inventors spend the whole day thinking.


Fart filter


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