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Bitfenix Merc Alpha Case Review



You may think that all cases below the USD 50 mark have serious quality problems (such as sharp edges where you might cut your fingers while building your PC) and don’t come with features most users will need. However, after seeing the Bitfenix Merc Alpha, which costs only USD 40, you may change your opinion. Let’s see why.

Bitfenix Merc Alpha caseFigure 1: Bitfenix Merc Alpha case

Bitfenix Merc Alpha caseFigure 2: Bitfenix Merc Alpha case

The left-side panel has a ventilation mesh. This mesh doesn’t support the installation of fans, and it also doesn’t come with an air filter. Because of the price of this case, we can’t really complain about the lack of these features.

Bitfenix Merc Alpha caseFigure 3: Left-side panel