The Front Panel

Since it is targeted to silent computers, the Bitfenix Ghost has a door on its front panel, with a sheet of foam on its inner side to absorb noise. You can easily change the side the door opens by moving the hinges from the left side to the right side. If you don’t like the door, you can simply remove it. Fortunately, all buttons and connectors of the case are located on its top panel, so you won’t need to keep opening and closing the door whenever you want to turn on the computer or install a USB device.

Bitfenix Ghost Case ReviewFigure 3: Front panel

The Bitfenix Ghost has three 5.25” and one 3.5” external bays, all protected by meshed covers with air filters. The front panel comes with a 120 mm fan installed, and you can install a second 120 mm fan or replace the front fan with a 140 mm model. This fan uses a three-pin fan power connector, which allows you to install this fan on the motherboard. No technical specifications for this fan are provided. There is an air filter for this fan.

Bitfenix Ghost Case ReviewFigure 4: Front panel

Bitfenix Ghost Case ReviewFigure 5: Front panel


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