Overview (Cont’d)

The expansion bay door you see right under the battery is where the optional Bluetooth card would sit if so equipped. Under the gray metal plate on the bottom left corner is where the 750 GB hard drive sits, and to the right of the hard drive are the two RAM modules. Our review sample had two 2 GB modules for 4 GB total. The machine supports up to 16 GB of RAM.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 9: Expansion Doors Open

The battery is a 4400 mAh, 48 Wh unit and is very small. The notebook lasted all day with mixed web surfing, casual gaming, and streaming video from Hulu in testing.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 10: The Battery

One of the areas where many notebooks fall flat is in the keyboard designs. The ASUS N53SV is a full-size notebook and has a full-size keyboard complete with number pad. The keys are large and have nice tactile feel and good typing feedback with audible clicks. Typists will like this keyboard because it has the right shift key where it is supposed to be. Some notebooks rearrange the typical QWERTY layout and place the right shift key in a strange place; thankfully, that isn’t the case here. That right shift key is a bit smaller than the left shift key, but it is large enough to be easy to use. You can also see the trackpad that supports gestures.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 11: The Keyboard

Since the ASUS N53SV is a multimedia notebook, a glossy screen is expected. Glossy screens have great color reproduction in general, and the ASUS N53SV is no exception. The downside is that the glossy screen has a lot of glare.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 12: The Screen

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