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ASUS N53SV Notebook Review



The front edge of the notebook has nothing to see when closed, no indicator lights or memory card slots to be found here as you see on many notebooks.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 5: The front

The right side of the ASUS N53SV has the bulk of the ports with the headphone and mic ports, two USB ports, and the optical drive. The toggle switch you see directly behind the optical drive is used turn the wireless adapter on and off.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 6: Right Side

The left side of the notebook has the 3-in-1 memory card reader supporting SD, MS, and MMC formats, a big cooling grate, and a couple of USB ports along with an HDMI output.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 7: The Left Side

The bottom of the notebook has trap doors for the battery, hard drive, and RAM, with lots of cooling slots.

ASUS N53SV Notebook ReviewFigure 8: The Bottom