Internal Components

Figure 13 shows the bottom of the ASUS G75VW. At the lower right corner, you can see the subwoofer.

ASUS G75VWFigure 13: Bottom

The battery of the G75VW is shown in Figure 14. It has a tension of 14.4 V, and 5,200 mAh capacity.

ASUS G75VWFigure 14: Battery

The small cover at the corner of the notebook gives access to the air filter of the CPU cooler, as shown in Figure 15.

ASUS G75VWFigure 15: Air filter

Figure 16 shows the ASUS G75VW with its main cover removed. This cover is held by only one screw. Notice that there are two memory sockets, and one of them is unused. The laptop has another two memory sockets under the keyboard, as we will shown on the next page. You can also see two 2.5” storage bays.

ASUS G75VWFigure 16: Main cover removed