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ASUS Eee Keyboard



During CES 2009 ASUS presented a prototype for their Eee Keyboard, a complete computer – including a 5” touch-screen display – housed inside a keyboard running Windows XP. So don’t be fooled by its name: Eee Keyboard is a complete functional computer that you can use to write texts, surf the web, check e-mails, use Skype, etc. The idea is to connect it to a video monitor or HDTV wirelessly. We took a look at this innovative product.

Please notice that what we saw was just a prototype. The final product – if it really reaches the market – can be different.

ASUS Eee KeyboardFigure 1: ASUS Eee Keyboard.

On the pictures below you can see the concept behind this product as presented by ASUS during their CES 2009 press conference.

ASUS Eee KeyboardFigure 2: Concept.

ASUS Eee KeyboardFigure 3: Concept.

ASUS Eee KeyboardFigure 4: Concept.

Let’s now talk about the specs and show you some more pictures.