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Zalman FX100 CPU Cooler Review
Author: Rafael Otto Coelho 41,595 views
Type: Reviews Last Updated: March 20, 2013
Page: 3 of 9
The Zalman FX100 (Cont’d)

Figure 8 shows the base of the cooler. It is a nickel-plated copper plate with mirrored finishing.

Zalman FX100
click to enlarge
Figure 8: Base

Removing the top cap, you can obtain a better idea of how the FX100 is made; there are four heatsinks at the sides, and two smaller heatsinks at the center. The optional fan goes between the inner heatsinks.

Zalman FX100
click to enlarge
Figure 9: Cover removed

Figure 10 unveils the FX100 without the plastic corners. Here you can see the six heatpipes that surround the cooler. Those heatpipes are soldered to the heatpipes that come from the base.

Zalman FX100
click to enlarge
Figure 10: Corners removed

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