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NZXT Beta Case Review
Author: Gabriel Torres
Type: Reviews Last Updated: June 16, 2009
Page: 2 of 6
Introduction (Cont’d)
Hardware Secrets Golden Award

The only fan that comes with Beta is located on its front panel and can be seen in Figure 4. It is a 120 mm model and comes with a three-pin power connector, allowing you to install it on your motherboard in order to monitor its speed. An adapter to allow the installation on any standard peripheral power plug is also available. NZXT does not say the speed or noise level from this fan. The inclusion of only one fan is how NZXT could cut costs and make this case so inexpensive.

NZXT Beta case
click to enlarge
Figure 4: Front fan.

In Figure 5, you can see the back of the front panel, where we have the dust filters. This panel must be removed for you to remove the bay covers.

NZXT Beta case
click to enlarge
Figure 5: Front panel.

This case comes with two USB ports and one eSATA port, besides the headphones output and microphone input jacks. The addition of an eSATA port was a nice surprise, since entry-level cases usually don’t have this feature. The two USB ports are too close to each other, what may prevent you from installing two “fat” USB devices at the same time.

NZXT Beta case
click to enlarge
Figure 6: Connectors.

Seeing the rear panel for the first time we had a great surprise: the rear panel and the interior from this case are painted in black, a feature traditionally only found on high-end models, giving this case a very professional aspect.

The slot covers are meshed, which helps increasing the internal airflow – another feature normally only found on high-end units. There is also a mesh with big holes above the slots, also helping the internal airflow. There is a space for installing an optional 120 mm fan. As mentioned, this case comes only with the front fan installed.

Beta also has two holes for passing hoses from water cooling solutions.

NZXT Beta case
click to enlarge
Figure 7: Rear panel.

Now let’s take a look inside NZXT Beta.

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