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Motorola Droid X Cell Phone Review
Author: Sandy Berger 41,289 views
Type: Reviews Last Updated: July 21, 2010
Page: 2 of 8
The Hardware
Hardware Secrets Silver Award

When viewed from the front, as shown in Figure 5, you can see the speaker at the top center of the phone above the large screen. Just to the left of the speaker is a notification light that blinks green to show new email, calls, or text messages. Below the screen are four small hardware buttons. From left to right they are: the Menu key which is used to open menu options, the Home key which will take you home, the Back key which takes you back one screen, and the Search key which can be pressed for a text search or pressed and held for a voice search. The Search key works in conjunction with the application you have on the screen. For instance, if you are in the Contacts, it will search for a contact. If you are using the browser, it will search the web.

These buttons are physically below rather than on the screen. You can feel each one as your press it. Just below these buttons you can see the microphone.

The Droid X actually has three microphones. Two are used for noise reduction. This works perfectly, so you can even make calls in noisy environments. Call quality is excellent. During our testing, we never had a dropped call.

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Figure 5: The front of the Droid X

The left side of this Droid, seen in Figure 6, has a Micro-USB charging port which is also used to connect the Droid to a computer. Next to that is a mini-HDMI port. Just to the right of that you can see the corner where you can attach a lanyard.

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Figure 6: The left side of the Droid X

The right side of the Droid X is shown in Figure 7. The volume rocker is near the top of the phone and the red camera button is near the bottom. When in the camera mode, the volume rocker acts as a zoom control.

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Figure 7: The right side of the Droid X

The top of the Droid X is shown in Figure 8. You can see the Power/Lock key on the left. This can be pressed to put the display to sleep or held to turn the phone off, to put it in silent mode or to put it in airplane mode. The top also holds a standard 3.5 mm headset jack.

click to enlarge
Figure 8: The top of the Droid X

The back of the Droid X has a slight bump-out for the camera, which you can see on the right side of Figure 9. To the left of that is the battery compartment. Next to that is a speaker. The back is also adorned with the Google, Verizon, and Motorola logos.

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Figure 9: The back of the Droid X

In Figure 10, you can see the back of the Droid X with the battery cover removed. The SD card can also be seen. The battery must be removed to add or remove an SD card.

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