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Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 240GB SSD SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive with Adapter (SHFS37A/240G)
Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 240GB SSD SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive with Adapter (SHFS37A/240G), by (Kingston Digital), starting at $83.12
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Kingston HyperX FURY 240 GiB SSD Review
Author: Rafael Coelho 49,160 views
Type: Reviews Last Updated: August 18, 2014
Page: 1 of 8
Hardware Secrets Silver Award

There are many components in a PC that can be upgraded to make it faster, but none are as noticeable in the real world as upgrading a hard drive to a solid state drive. They have come down significantly in price over the last few years, so it’s now cheaper than ever to upgrade your PC. While some months ago 120 GiB units offered the best cost/benefit ratio, now the times of the 240 GiB units are coming. Today, we will test a new 240 GiB drive from Kingston, the HyperX FURY, which is focused on the low-cost market.

The Kingston HyperX FURY can be found in 120 GiB and 240 GiB capacities. The model we are analysing today has 256 GiB of memory inside, but is sold as 240 GiB, since 16 GiB is reserved for overprovisioning, used by the garbage collection and wear leveling mechanisms of the unit.

In our tests, we will compare the performance of the HyperX FURY 240 GiB against the popular value SSD from the same manufacturer, the SSDNow V300, with the same capacity. This should be a very interesting comparison, as both are based on the same controller: the SandForce SF-2281.

Kingston HyperX FURY 240 GiB SSD
click to enlarge
Figure 1:
the Kingston HyperX Fury 240 GiB

Kingston HyperX FURY 240 GiB SSD
click to enlarge
Figure 2:
the Kingston SSDNow V300 240 GiB

Before proceeding, we highly suggest that you read our “Anatomy of SSD Units” tutorial, which provides all the background information you need to know about SSDs. Both of the SSDs featured in this review use MLC memory chips.

In the table below we compare the Kingston HyperX FURY 240 GiB with the Kingston SSDNow V300 240 GiB. Both units use a SATA-600 interface, are based on the 2.5” form factor, and are 7 mm thick (thus fitting some thin notebooks or ultrabooks that require storage devices with this height).



Model #

Nominal Capacity





240 GiB

USD 130


SSDNow V300


240 GiB

USD 120

We researched the prices on the day that we published this review. In the table below, we provide a more in-depth technical comparison between the two drives.





Kingston HyperX FURY

SandForce SF-2281


16x 16 GiB Kingston FT16B08UCM1-34

Kingston SSDNow V300

SandForce SF-2281


16x 16 GiB Kingston FD16808UCT1-8C

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