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Inside the Magnavox Odyssey2
Author: Gabriel Torres 22,827 views
Type: Tutorials Last Updated: April 30, 2012
Page: 2 of 8
The Hardware

Looking inside the Odyssey2, you will see that the motherboard is very small compared to the size of the console. See Figure 6.

Magnavox Odyssey2
click to enlarge
Figure 6: Inside the Magnavox Odyssey2

The RF modulator, seen in Figure 7, is in charge of converting the composite video and analog audio signal into an RF signal, to be sent to the antenna connector of the TV. The black switch you see in Figure 7 is the one for selecting which channel the console will use, three or four. Since the Odyssey2 in reality generates composite video and analog audio that is then converted to RF, you can easily modify your console for it to have “video out” and “audio out” outputs, creating a higher-quality connection between the console and your TV set, and allowing you to connect your console even to an old composite video monitor (either color or green phosphorous). This tutorial shows you how

Magnavox Odyssey2
click to enlarge
Figure 7: The RF modulator

In Figure 8, we have an overall look at the motherboard of the Odyssey2. In the upper right corner you can see the components of its linear power supply. (The external transformer was not a complete power supply.) On the next page, we will provide a more in-depth explanation about how the hardware of the Odyssey2 worked.

Magnavox Odyssey2
click to enlarge
Figure 8: The Odyssey2 motherboard

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