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How to Upgrade Your CPU
Author: Gabriel Torres 544,176 views
Type: Tutorials Last Updated: March 9, 2007
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Socket 370

Well, if your motherboard is based on socket 370 this means you are in front of a very old computer based on Socket 370 Celeron or on Socket 370 Pentium III. Keep in mind that these CPUs are available for other sockets as well, so we are talking specifically about socket 370 models here. Socket 370 models can also be referred as PPGA or as FC-PGA. In order to know what is the fastest CPU you can install on your motherboard, you will need to know what is the maximum FSB clock rate your motherboard supports. Typical values are 66 MHz, 100 MHz and 133 MHz.

To make things simpler, we compiled the table below. At one side you have your motherboard FSB and on the other which CPUs are supported.



Pentium III

66 MHz

All socket 370 models up to 766 MHz.

Not supported.

100 MHz

All socket 370 models, available up to 1.4 GHz.

All socket 370 models without a letter ”B“ on its name, available up to 1.1 GHz.

133 MHz

All socket 370 models, available up to 1.4 GHz.

All socket 370 models, available up to 1.2 GHz.

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