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How to Transform a SpeedStream 5200 modem into a Router
Author: Gabriel Torres 170,431 views
Type: Tutorials Last Updated: November 25, 2004
Page: 2 of 3
Step-by-Step Configuration

After doing the firmware upgrade in the modem, you will have to make some configurations so you can access the Internet. The whole process is this:

1. You should point your browser to That is the address for the configuration of the modem. The first time you visit it, the modem will ask you to configure an administrative password to be used the next times you visit your configuration address. Check the Save Settings box.

2. Next, click on "Setup" in the navigation bar to the left and then on "WAN Interface." The modem will ask for the password that you have just configured to continue.

3. A list of configurations for the modem will be shown. There will be two lines. You should configure the first line (called 0), clicking on its value (8/35). In the screen that is then shown, you should enter 0 in the VPI field and 33 in the VCI field. Then Click on Next. In the following screen, select "RFC-2684 Bridged." Click on Next. You will have to name this configuration. The configurations we have just done serve to make the modem work as a modem again (bridge mode). That is necessary because if you have to return the it you will have to undo the modifications you did. We suggest you call this configuration "Bridge."

4. Now you should do the second configuration, which will configure the modem to work as a router. Click on 8/81 in line 1. In the screen that is then shown, you should enter 0 in the VPI field and 33 in the VCI field. Then Click on Next. In the following screen, select PPPoE. Click on Next. Select Client Only and Click on Next. In the following screen, select 1 and Click on Next. The next screen asks for the user's login name and password. You should enter them in the appropriate fields. Click on Next. Then check the option Auto-Connect on Disconnect and Click on Next. In the next screen, leave the field (optional Static IP address) empty and Click on Next. In the following screen, Interface Options, leave the configurations at the manufacturer's values and Click on Next. In the next screen you will have to name this configuration. We suggest you call this configuration Router. Click on Next and in the following screen click on Finish.

5. Now you should enable the modem as a router. To do so, go to Setup, WAN Interface. The screen that will be shown displays the two configurations you did (Bridge and Router). The configuration the modem is currently using is the one with the Disable box. Then, if this box is next to Bridge click on Disable. Then click on the Enable box that will appear next to Router. Remember that you will have to put the modem in the bridge mode before returning it.

6. After enabling the modem as a router you will have to restart the modem. That is done by clicking on the word Reboot that will appear in red, and on the Reboot box that will appear in the following screen.

7. After rebooting the modem, it will work as a router. All you have to do is to authenticate at your operator's website to have your Internet connection working. Once authenticated, you won't need to authenticate it anymore if you don't turn the modem off.

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