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CM Storm Ceres 400 - Gaming Headset with Volume Control and Microphone On/Off Switch
CM Storm Ceres 400 - Gaming Headset with Volume Control and Microphone On/Off Switch, by (Cooler Master), starting at $27.70
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CM Storm Ceres 400 Headset Review
Author: André Gordirro 21,094 views
Type: Reviews Last Updated: October 19, 2012
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Hardware Secrets Golden Award

After releasing the stereo headset Sonuz (tested here), CM Storm put on the shelves another 2.0 model, the Ceres 400. The biggest differences between the two peripherals are the size of the drivers (53 mm for the Sonuz versus 40 mm for the Ceres) and the lightweight design of the newer model. Both the Sonuz and the Ceres 400 are budget-conscious choices for those who don’t care about 5.1 surround sound models that are usually more expensive. We’ll first describe the Ceres, and then put it through the test.

Ceres 400 headset
click to enlarge
Figure 1: Ceres 400 headset

The Ceres 400 is a mid-to-big size headset with a pair of 90 mm ear pads that completely cover the user’s ears. The padding is very soft and is wrapped in a cloth with tiny holes that make the ear pads breathable. The same material also covers the headband cushion.

Ceres 400 headset
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Figure 2: Cushioned headband

Ceres 400 headset
click to enlarge
Figure 3: Speaker and microphone

The microphone is located on the left ear cup. It pivots upwards to stay out of the way if one wants to use the Ceres 400 like a regular headphone, but the microphone is not detachable like the one found on the Sonuz.

The cable is very long (2.5 m or 8.2 feet) and made of simple plastic, not cloth-wrapped as it is on the Sonuz. It has two 3.5 mm plugs (one for the microphone, the other for the sound channel), and it has a control unit a short distance (50 cm or 1.6 feet) away from the ear cup with a volume scroll and mute key.

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