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Connect3D Radeon X1900 GT Review
Author: Gabriel Torres
Type: Reviews Last Updated: June 29, 2006
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Radeon X1900 GT is the simplest video card in the high-end Radeon X1900 chip family from ATI, being an option for those users willing to have a high-end video card but not wanting to buy the most expensive one. Competing with GeForce 7900 GT from NVIDIA, in this review we compared it to several other video cards from both ATI and NVIDIA. Check it out.

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 1: Connect3D Radeon X1900 GT.

Radeon X1900 GT runs at 575 MHz and accesses its video memory at 1.2 GHz. Like all high-end GPUs it accesses its video memory using a 256-bit interface. The main difference between Radeon X1900 GT and other current Radeon X1900 family members is the number of pixel shader engines: 36, against 48 on XT and XTX models.

You can see in our tutorial ”ATI Chips Comparison Table“ the difference between Radeon X1900 GT and the other chips from ATI, while on our tutorial ”NVIDIA Chips Comparison Table“ you can compare it to its competitors from NVIDIA.

Although this video card is being sold under Connect3D brand, the card itself is supplied by ATI (which, in turn, hires another company to manufacture their boards in China). Check on Figures 2, 3 and 4.

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 2: Connect3D sticker is a little big for this fan, don’t you think?

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 3: Peeling off the sticker and…

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 4: Guess what?

This is a normal procedure on the market. NVIDIA does the same. We are posting this just as a curiosity, as the sticker bigger than the fan caught our eye immediately, and we felt compelled in publishing this.

On Figures 5 and 6 you can see the Radeon X1900 GT from Connect3D.

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 5: Connect3D Radeon X1900 GT.

Radeon X1900 GT
click to enlarge
Figure 6: Connect3D Radeon X1900 GT, back view.

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