Installation (Cont’d)

Next install the thermal pads that came with the product on each memory chip, as shown on Figures 11 and 12.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 11: Peel off each thermal pad…

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 12: And install them on each memory chip.

Attention: there is paper on both sides of the thermal pad. You must remove the two papers stuck to each thermal pad. Pay close attention to this.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 13: Our GeForce 6800 GS with all thermal pads installed.

Now all you need to do is to attach the cooler to the video card. Place the cooler on a table with its copper base facing up, remove the plastic piece that is protecting its thermal grease and place the video card on the cooler, matching the holes located on the video card with the ones located on the cooler. Then screw them together, using the screws and plastic washers that come with the product. In our case nine screws and washers were necessary. If your video card has memory chips on the backside of the video card, you need to install the memory heatsink (the L-shaped metallic part) that comes with the product.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 14: All screws correctly installed.

Next connect the fan power cable to the video card. This cooler comes with two connectors, as you can see in Figure 15: a standard two-wire connector for video cards without fan speed control and a four-wire connector for video cards with this feature.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 15: Installing the fan power cable.

After installing this cable Accelero X1 will be completely installed.

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1Figure 16: Our GeForce 6800 GS with Accelero X1 correctly installed.


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