Inside Two Hundred

Both panels are fastened to the case using thumbscrews, which is excellent. In Figure 9 we have an overall look from inside Two Hundred. As you can see, the interior isn’t painted. This first thing that caught our attention was the presence of a big hole on the motherboard tray to give you access to the CPU cooler back plate, allowing you to replace your CPU cooler with a more powerful model without the need of removing the motherboard from the chassis. No holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray is available.

Antec Two Hundred caseFigure 9: Overall look.

Antec Two Hundred caseFigure 10: A view from behind the motherboard tray.

Daughter boards are fastened to the case using regular screws.

Antec Two Hundred caseFigure 11: Rear and top panels viewed from inside the case.

This case does not have an air intake mesh on its bottom panel. Usually on cases where the power supply goes on the bottom part, the power supply must be installed with its fan facing down, and thus the case must have a mesh matching the position of this fan so air can flow. On Two Hundred, however, the power supply must be installed with its fan facing up, eliminating the need for this mesh.


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