Antec Twelve Hundred is a full-tower case targeted to gamers, with an impressive number of cooling options (six fans with speed control for all of them and also a switch to turn the top fan LED on or off), twelve 5.25” bays with nine of them available for hard disk drives and several other minor features, like washable dust filters. Let’s take an in-depth look at this latest release by Antec.

Looking at the case for the first time we were impressed by its impeccable paint job.

Antec Twelve Hundred caseFigure 1: Antec Twelve Hundred case.

Antec Twelve Hundred caseFigure 2: Antec Twelve Hundred case.

In Figure 3, you can see the front panel from this case and, as you can see, this case doesn’t have a front door. This case has twelve external 5.25” bays and nine of them are used by three hard disk drive cages. As you can see, all covers are meshed for a better airflow and each cage has a washable dust filter. Each cage is also cooled by a 120 mm fan and on the front part of each cage you can find a potentiometer to control the fan speed. Of course we will talk more about the disk drive bays and possible configurations later.

Antec Twelve Hundred caseFigure 3: Front panel.

Antec Twelve Hundred caseFigure 4: Potentiometer to control the speed of one of the frontal fans.


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