Antec Three Hundred Two Case Review

The Top, Bottom, and Rear Panels

The Antec Three Hundred Two comes with a 140 mm fan installed on its top panel, with a two speed fan controller located at the rear panel. This fan is a “TwoCool 140” model, which spins at 800 rpm (33.6 cfm and 21.8 dBA) on “low” and 1,200 rpm (58.9 cfm and 26 dBA) on “high.” The top panel also has two holes covered with rubber covers for hoses of liquid cooling solutions, each measuring one inch (25 mm) in diameter. The location of these holes is unusual, as typically, cases have these holes at their rear panel. This was done because the Three Hundred Two doesn’t have any available space on its rear panel for them. The original Three Hundred doesn’t have this feature.

Antec Three Hundred Two caseFigure 8: Top panel

The bottom panel has an air filter for the power supply fan. This filter is removed from the left side of the case, which is a big plus, as you won’t need to lift or move the computer to remove and clean this filter after the PC is built.

Antec Three Hundred Two caseFigure 9: Bottom panel

Antec Three Hundred Two caseFigure 10: Removing the air filter for the power supply.

Unfortunately, the rear panel and the interior of the Antec Three Hundred Two are not painted. This is the biggest “flaw” of this case, but we understand that this was done in order to keep the case at an affordable price.

On the Antec Three Hundred Two, the power supply is installed at the bottom of the case.

The case comes with a 120 mm fan installed on its rear panel, with a two speed controller located at the rear panel of the case. This fan is a “TwoCool 120” model; however, specifications for this fan are not provided by Antec.

This case has eight expansion slots, which is a major highlight of this product. They use regular covers.

Antec Three Hundred Two caseFigure 11: Rear panel

The Two Hundred Two has a tab for you to install a padlock or a warranty seal in order to prevent unauthorized people from opening your computer.

Antec Three Hundred Two caseFigure 12: Tab for padlock or warranty seal

Let’s now take a look inside the Antec Three Hundred Two.

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