Inside Antec P182SE

In Figure 5 you have a close-up from the rear and top 120 mm fans. Notice a black tube: that is the flexible flashlight that comes with this case, portrayed in Figure 6, which should help you installing new parts on your computer.

Antec Performance One P182SEFigure 5: Rear and top fans.

Antec Performance One P182SEFigure 6: Flexible flashlight.

As mentioned the power supply (which doesn’t come with the case) goes on the lower section of the case and there is a 120 mm fan to cool it down, see Figure 7.

Antec Performance One P182SEFigure 7: Where the power supply is installed.

This case features two cages for hard disk drive installation, each one holding up to three hard drives, so you can have up to six drives, more than enough even for the hard core user with a big RAID array. Each hard drive is installed to a small drawer that is inserted in the cage. At one of the sides of each cage there is a small toolbox that can be used to hold screws for when you want to add more hard drives, for example.

Antec Performance One P182SEFigure 8: Hard drive installation.

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