Antec has just released a new version of their famous Nine Hundred mid-tower case, called Nine Hundred Two. This is not the first time Antec is revamping one of their products: recently they launched NSK 4480 II, a new version of their NSK 4480 case. Let’s see the differences between the two models and if Nine Hundred Two is really a good product.

A comparison between the new Nine Hundred Two and the standard Nine Hundred is inevitable. What Antec did was basically get their Twelve Hundred full-tower case and shrunk down to a mid-tower form factor. Below we compiled a list of the main differences between Nine Hundred Two and the original Nine Hundred, but as you can see all these new features were stolen from Twelve Hundred:

  • Internal parts are painted black, whereas on the original Nine Hundred they are not, carrying the traditional gray zinc-coated steel looks.
  • The top panel was remodeled (became identical to Twelve Hundred’s).
  • The original Nine Hundred had a FireWire port, not present on Nine Hundred Two. The new model, however, has one eSATA port, not present on the previous version.
  • Washable dust filter for the optional 120 mm side fan on the new version.
  • One extra expansion slot for daughterboards on Nine Hundred Two, for a total of eight slots. The original Nine Hundred carries the standard number of expansion slots: seven.
  • The speed controllers for the rear and top fans were moved to the rear panel of the case, which is great, as you don’t need to open the case to adjust the speed of the fans.
  • The speed controllers for the front fans were moved to the front panel of the case, which is great for the same reason as above.
  • Holes for water cooling hoses on the rear panel.

Now let’s take a look at Nine Hundred Two.


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