The Hard Disk Drive Cages

As we mentioned briefly on the first page, this case comes with two hard disk drive cages. Each cage has three hard disk drive bays inside and each frontal 120 mm fan is attached to one cage. On the pictures we took (especially in Figure 4) the two cages were installed on the six bottom bays, but you can install them differently, if you want to. For example, install them on the top six bays or installing one at the top three bays and the other on the bottom three bays.

Also, each hard disk drive cage converts the three 5 ¼” bays where it is installed into three 3 ½” bays. So with the two cages installed you have three 5 ¼” bays and six 3 ½” bays. If you need more 5 ¼” bays you can simply remove one of the cages. Doing this you would have six 5 ¼” bays and three 3 ½” bays available.

One of the cages has a plastic bracket to hold another 120 mm fan (which doesn’t come with the case). This fan can be used to cool down your video cards, for example. You can see this bracket in Figure 10. It is important to note that this fan should be installed only on an empty cage, i.e., on a cage without any hard drives in it.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 10: This black plastic bracket can be used to install another 120 mm fan inside the case.

We removed one of the hard disk drive cages from the case, see Figures 11 through 13.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 11: Hard disk drive cage.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 12: Hard disk drive cage.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 13: Hard disk drive cage.

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