Nine Hundred is the latest gamer case from Antec, using a very innovative design, including a huge 200-mm fan on its top, a 120 mm fan on its rear, two 120 mm fans on its front, nine peripheral bays and a transparent side window. All fans can be set into three different speeds. And that’s not all. Let’s take a look at this new case.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 1: Antec Nine Hundred.

The first thing that calls our attention on this case is its huge 200-mm fan. Because of its size, it can run at a lower speed, thus producing less noise. When running on its maximum speed, it rotates only at 800 rpm, producing an outstanding airflow of 134 cfm. Just to give you an idea, the 120 mm rear fan used on this case when set to its maximum speed runs at 2,000 rpm and produces an airflow of 79 cfm. The top fan can be also configured in two other speeds, 600 rpm (108 cfm) and 400 rpm (83 cfm).

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 2: The huge 200-mm fan located on the top of the case.

On the case top you will find several connectors (speaker out, mic in, one FireWire port and two USB ports) and also the reset button and the power button.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 3: Buttons and connectors.

On the top of the case you will also find a storage tray, where you can store coins, your digital camera, your MP3 player, etc, see Figures 2 and 3.

On the front panel you will find nine bays, as shown in Figure 4. As mentioned the front panel has two 120 mm fans. These fans can be configured to run in three speeds, 2,000 rpm (79 cfm), 1,600 rpm (56 cfm) or 1,200 rpm (39 cfm). They glow blue when the system is turned on. Each fan is attached to a hard disk drive cage, and each cage occupies three of the nine available bays. We will talk more about this later.

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 4: Front panel with nine bays and two 120 mm fans.

In Figure 5, you can see the rear of Nine Hundred. If you pay close attention you will notice that on this case the power supply is installed on the bottom of the case, and not on its top. You can also see the 120 mm rear fan, which can also be configured to run in three different speeds, 2,000 rpm (79 cfm), 1,600 rpm (56 cfm) or 1,200 rpm (39 cfm).

Antec Nine Hundred CaseFigure 5: Rear of Nine Hundred case.

Let’s now give a look inside the case.


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