The Antec Eleven Hundred mid-tower case has nine expansion slots, and thus is clearly targeted to users building a system with three or four video cards with XL-ATX motherboards. Let’s see if this case is a good buy.

By the way, XL-ATX (eXtra Large ATX) is not an official standard size: Gigabyte defines it as 12.8” x 9.6” (325 x 244 mm) while EVGA defines it as 13.5” x 10.3” (343 x 262 mm). The Eleven Hundred supports both.

Antec Eleven Hundred caseFigure 1: Antec Eleven Hundred case

Antec Eleven Hundred caseFigure 2: Antec Eleven Hundred case

The Eleven Hundred has a big transparent window on its left-side panel, supporting the installation of two 120 mm fans. You can also install a 120 mm fan on its right-side panel to cool down the underside of the CPU. Unfortunately, there are no air filters on the side panels.

Antec Eleven Hundred caseFigure 3: The left-side panel

The air filter for the power supply fan is accessible from the left side of the case, which makes it easier for you to clean this filter. On competing products, this filter is removed either from the rear or the bottom of the case, which means you have to move or lift your case. (Depending on your configuration, it may be very heavy.)

Antec Eleven Hundred caseFigure 4: Air filter for the power supply fan


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