The Strike-X is a mid-tower case from Aerocool with interesting looks and features, including an exclusive fan mounting for each hard drive. Let’s take a look at it.

This case is available with two different colors for the venting meshes, black or red. We are reviewing the black model, which still carries a several parts in red.

Aerocool Strike-X caseFigure 1: Aerocool Strike-X case

Aerocool Strike-X caseFigure 2: Aerocool Strike-X case

The left-side panel of the Strike-X is meshed, making the letter “X.” It comes with a 120 mm sleeve bearing fan (Dongguan Zhan Yu Industrial Co AV12025, 1,200 rpm, 25.5 cfm, 20.9 dBA) on the upper left corner that glows red when turned on. This fan is attached to a standard peripheral power plug and to a three-pin fan power connector, so you can choose between installing it directly on your power supply or on your motherboard.

Aerocool Strike-X caseFigure 3: The left-side panel


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