Notice: this article is a spontaneous recommendation. We did not receive any kind of incentive from Driver Booster or its parent company to recommend this program. We are publishing it because we believe it can be useful to our readers.

After years using a computer, the operating system accumulates remnants of programs that were installed and removed, useless programs and files, and small problems that, while not preventing the computer from working, certainly occupy disk space and can let the computer slower.

There are several programs to “clean up” your computer. One that we find interesting and we recommend is Advanced System Care, from the same developers of the Driver Booster, which we recommended a few days ago.

Besides cleaning the operating system, this program has one advantage over its competitors: it also scans and solves security problems on the computer verifying, for example, if there are important updates that were not installed.

The program is free, but there is a Pro version (paid), which offers some additional features (which we will mention on the next page), and the automatic operating system maintenance from time to time.

At the initial screen of the program (see Figure 1) you should select which scans and corrections the programs must do, and then click “Scan”. Notice that not all options are checked by default. This is for two reasons. First, running all the scans is a very time demanding task, particularly if you choose “Disk Scan”. Second, if you have an SSD, you should not defragment it (“Disk Optimization” option), because doing so will reduce the SSD lifespan (because it does several write cycles), and SSDs do not need to be defragmented. So, we recommend you to check all options, except for the “Disk Optimization” if you have an SSD.

Advanced System CareFigure 1: scan options selection

In our case, the program identified more than 4,000 programs, which is impressive. Click “Repair” to correct all the problems found.

Advanced System CareFigure 2: list of the problems found

Advanced System CareFigure 3: repair completed

The program also offers a huge quantity of additional scan and repair options, present on the “Toolbox” menu, which we recommend you to run after. Let’s see them.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist, a PhD student, and is a college professor in Brazil.