General View

Opening the screen, we have an idea of the size of the laptop. The 15.6” with 1366×768 resolution screen is glossy, which can bother the user because of the glare. On the top is the 1.3 Mpixels webcam, with the microphone at its side. The frame around the screen uses the “black piano” finishing, thus scratching easily. One thing that could be better on this notebook is the screen resolution, since 1366×768 is most common in 14” or even smaller screens. A 15.6” screen could have a 1600×900 resolution, however, this would probably make the product more expensive.

Acer Aspire 5742ZFigure 5: Opened

The Aspire 5742Z has a fairly uncommon feature in laptops: A complete keyboard, which means it has the separated numeric keyboard. In addition, the keys are big and well-spaced, and the typing is accurate and comfortable. Below the keyboard we found the touchpad, which has a scroll bar.

Acer Aspire 5742ZFigure 6: Keyboard

On the underside, you see the battery fitted and a cover that gives access to the memory sockets and to the hard disk drive.

Acer Aspire 5742ZFigure 7: Bottom view


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.